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NTL is the exclusive distributor for Landauer products. Landauer is the manufacture of OSL Technology for OSL dosimeters and readers.


Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) is a technology for personal dose monitoring. Landauer has invented aluminium oxide doped with carbon (Al2O3:C) for radiation measurement detector.



01 InLight® Dosimeter
For personal dose monitoring from x, gamma, and beta ray
02 InLight® Environmental Dosimeter
For area/environmental monitoring form x, gamma, and beta ray
03 InLight® Albedo Neutron Dosimeter
For personal dose monitoring from photon, beta, and neutron
04 nanoDotTM Dosimeter
For medical application such as in vivo dosimeter and patient dose monitoring from x, gamma, and beta

OSL Readers

01 OSLR Automatic Reader
uses for reading and annealing InLight® Dosimeter, InLight® Environmental Dosimeter and InLight® Albedo Neutron Dosimeter. There are 3 types of capacity as 50, 250 and 700 dosimeters.
02 microStar reader
is compact, lightweight, and portable reader. It quickly and efficiently reads for all type of dosimeters.
03 microStar ii reader
is newest compact and portable reader for nanoDotTM dosimeter. It is the ideal reader for medical application in hospitals and radiotherapy department. It can measure the dose during PCB x-ray inspection.


The Fuji Electric company in Japan is the manufacturer of the electronic personal dosimeters as DOSE-i series, portable survey meter as NHL3 and NHL4 for photon (gamma and x-ray) and NSN3 for neutron.

DOSE-i uses as real time personal dose monitoring in workplace. There is a software and infrared communication for storage the data and management.

Fuji Catalog

NHL3 and NHL4 is the portable survey meter that used to measure the area monitoring in gamma and x-ray workplace. It is high sensitivity, wide range measurement, compact, lightweight, and easy operation with single hand.

Fuji Catalog

NSN3 is the portable neutron survey meter. It used to measure the neutron workplace. It is lightweight, No 3He or BF3, wide range measurement and 3-way power supply.

Fuji Catalog


FDG has a service and provide the radiation protection products basically on high quality and safety. All products passed the standard testing from Department of Medical Sciences, Thailand. They are using to protect medical staffs in hospitals from x-ray.

FDG Catalog