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FAQ | Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
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How is the process of registration in website for OSL service?

Please check out the process flow for OSL service registration

Is NTL laboratory certified from regulatory body?

Yes, NTL laboratory is certified from Office of Atom for Peace (OAP) for dose report that is a evident for licensing of possession and use radiation sources (exception x-ray machine in diagnostic, interventional, dental, and veterinary radiology).

Who should wear dosimeter for personal dose monitoring?

Occupational workers involve with man-made source of radiation such as x-ray generator, CT, LINAC, and radioisotope.

What is a frequency of service?

A frequency of service is how often dosimeters are used for personal dose monitoring. Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.-Dosimetry Laboratory has 2 kinds of frequency such as monthly and quarterly.

How can I know when it is time to exchange dosimeters?

You can check at your dosimeters that performed the start and end period or you will receive the new dosimeters for a week before end of each period.
Please return all used and control dosimeters back to Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. as below detail.

OSL Laboratory (Mr. Sirichai Theirrattanakul, Ms. Suphattawadi Satanderm)
Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
No.952 Ramaland Building 14th Floor, Rama IV Rd. Kwaeng Suriyawongse, Khet Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Tel 02-825-7000
Fax 02-825-7110



OSL is an acronym for optically stimulated luminescence. OSL technology is used in LANDAUER’s InLight dosimeters.

What type of dosimeters can Landauer provide to monitor photon and beta particles?

For monitoring photons (x or gamma ray) and beta particles, Landauer offers a full range of dosimetry services for both routine and special monitoring applications. Our OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) dosimeters are Luxel+ and InLight; for whole body and area monitoring.


How can I inquire the service for calibration in Myanmar and Pakistan?

The customer can contact to Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. for calibration service via sales person. (Myanmar: Nan San San Yee:, Pakistan: Muhammad Kashif: